Troy Walker

Barry Oliver and the Surfing Nahua team have been absolutely great to work with!  From start to finish, Surfing Nahua’s professionalism with absolute clarity made buying property in Nicaragua seamless, straight forward, and simple.  I searched all over Central America for real estate opportunities and the Surfing Nahua team tops all.  Many other places are over developed and overpriced. Barry has a gem in this area that shows fantastic potential at a feasible cost, allowing easy entry.  The opportunity in this area and what it will become is staggering.

I’m so thankful to Barry and his team for making this a reality for my family and I.  Beachfront property with a great upside to enjoy now or later.  You just can’t beat the Surfing Nahua offering and the folks that back it up!



Philip David

I recently bought some property in Nicaragua and had the pleasure to work with Barry Oliver. The web site was great and gave me a good idea of what I was going to see before I got there. one of the RE agents took us out and showed us 9 properties. That gave us an excellent idea of what was available. The agent was very personable, professional and pleasant to be with. When we chose a property the Surfing Nahua team made sure it was titled, and all the proper procedures were followed to legally own property in Nicaragua. Most purchasers have to make multiple trips to Nicaragua to close a deal. They made sure we signed all the paperwork and lined up all the ducks in a row. We did not have to come back once. The service does not stop there. Surfing Nahua, oversee that the taxes get paid and the property is maintained. The costs are minimal less than $400 per year. The market is hot in Nicaragua. My property has almost doubled in value. Where can you buy beautiful Beachfront property? It has only been 2 years. I highly recommend Surfing Nahua. They are a top drawer outfit. In contrast, I have also tried to use 3 other American born agents in Nicaragua and it did not turn out. My phone calls and emails were not returned timely and getting anything done was like pulling teeth. They all seemed exasperated, unfocused and could not keep up. That is why I chose to work with Barry. The office takes care of everything for me. Had I went to one of the other agents I would of been making endless trips to Nicaragua to make sure everything was done properly. It is scary buying in another country. I had all the work the office and law firm did, inspected by an independent Managua Lawyer. It was done perfectly. I have clear title. If you are going to buy property in Nicaragua use Barry Oliver, Surfing Nahua team. They are a professional outfit by any standards, Nicaraguan or North American.


Peter J Corselli

Having a house at the beach seemed like an unattainable goal. A pipe dream but after stumbling across some information about Nicaragua; its beautiful beaches, low cost of living and affordable housing we decided to try and live the dream.
I visited numerous web-sites and looked at a number of properties before really delving into the market.
Early on I was drawn to the office because it was one of the few real estate offices in the northern part of the country. We flirted with a couple of different properties and finally decided on Casa Corselli.
I was very upfront with Barry. We were looking for a place that would host us for a few weeks a year but the rest of the time would need to be utilized as a vacation rental.
We did not speak Spanish and we did not have any contacts within the country. We would need Surfing Nahua to be our partner in this venture or it would not work and we would not buy anything in Nicaragua.
Barry assured me that they were in it for the long haul and we moved ahead with the purchase.
Our home is newer but needed some help. Many upgrades were required to make it the unique rental that it has become. The Surfing Nahua involvement has been instrumental in maintaining my sanity. As our property manager we rely (heavily) on them to insure that all work is completed and the work that is undertaken is performed for a fair price.
Because of the offices hard work, we now have a dependable water supply, air conditioning, hot water (very rare in Nicaragua), high pressure water and a myriad of modern conveniences that were not in place when we purchased the house.
They handle the rental of the house and managing the work and workers that are integral in maintaining the house. Nicaragua and Surfing Nahua allows us to have the property of our dreams while still living in the real world.
Peter J Corselli
Casa Corselli
Asseradores Beach/Punta Aposentillo


Peter, Paul Jr. and Paul Sr. Gilman

The Gilman family has been very successful investing in Costa Rica. They began investing in Nicaragua in 2004 with the help of Barry who has showed them the differences of investing in Nicaragua vs. Costa Rica. He has helped them more than triple some of their investments in less than 6 months!! “Without Barry we would never have found the properties we found and he is very thorough about checking for clean Title.”


Brian & Deneen Wargo

From Kona Hawaii Brian and Deneen now have a beautiful ocean front home in Gran Pacifica Resort. They are directly in front of one of the best surf breaks in Nicaragua, Hemorrhoids. Unlike Hawaii this surf break does not have the crowds. Brian runs a fishing charter,, and Deneen captains the submarine for Atlantis. She was the first women submarine captain in the world. They will be enjoying their spectacular half acre on the beach for the rest of their life. “Surfing Nahua has made our dreams come true in Nicaragua.”


Jerry Mogab

First of all, thank you so much for your hospitality and generous time with us. I know it’s “business” for you, but you both made us feel like welcome friends. We so much enjoyed our meals with you and your lovely wife and our time at the Marina was truly exciting and memorable with you, Barry. Un Fuerte Abrazo Jerry Mogab


Stephen Kuhn

The office has been incredibly helpful in my Nicaraguan Real Estate ventures. They are absolutely committed to providing a long term real estate relationship which really impressed me. I spent a couple months in early 2013 living in San Juan Del Sur and taking Spanish classes. I live in Chicago and work in real estate sales, management and development, so it made sense to investigate the market while I was in Nicaragua. San Juan Del Sur is probably the biggest tourist destination in Nicaragua, so there were a handful of Realtors in town. I met with all of them, went out on tours and got a good feel for the market in that area. All of the salespeople seemed to treat me like someone who was off the cruise ship for a day. Very hard selling, pushy, and not particularly knowledgeable about the area. Having lived in town a few months and visited and fallen in love with the country in 2001, I really hoped for more from the people involved in marketing this beautiful country. Finally I realized that I wanted to purchase in the northern part of the country with no cruise ships and no golf course developments, it was the Central American experience I was looking for. I contacted Barry and he was extremely responsive. I met with his assistant, Boris, a couple days later and we did a tour. I was really impressed at the knowledge of the area, the residents and the property market that Barry and his team offered. I found a great piece of land right on the ocean and pulled the trigger the following day. For most real estate salespeople, this is where the relationship ends. For Barry and his team, this is where the heavy lifting began. My property was unique in the standing of its title, so I knew there would be some hurdles, and that living back in the states, these would be tough to deal with. In reality the team helped to hire the necessary people to work through the process, as well as helping to clear the land, plant trees, maintain the property and put up new fencing. Each of these would have required a trip down to the property to accomplish if I had worked with any of the other real estate offices that I met with previously as none of them offered any continuing support. Barry and his team never even had to offer, they just looked at it as part of their job. They have been fantastic about returning emails, keeping me posted on developments in the area and maintaining my property. I recently returned to Nicaragua with my parents to show them the property that I now own outright with no title issues, and to view other properties in the area. Barry made a special trip up from Costa Rica just to meet us. There are some phenomenal opportunities in Northern Nicaragua, and Barry and his team are really the only ones I would consider dealing with. They are very professional, not pushy, super knowledgeable, involved in the community and generally very nice people. I will definitely be working with them in the future to expand my holdings in the area and I would (and have) recommended them to friends and family.


Chris Powell

I highly recommend the Surfing Nahua team. They were incredibly helpful in the purchase of my lot and its management and I am now using them as my representatives on the sales side. They are by far the best real estate team in Nicaragua and they have knowledge of the entire Pacific coast. Barry has lived in San Juan del Sur and used to own the Century 21 office down there, and he has spent extensive time in the northern region as well as the Popoyo/Santana area. If you are in need of some surfing advice, he is the guy to talk to. Marjorie, Boris and the rest of the team are amazing and really know the north like nobody else. Their connections are endless and if you want to get something done, they can make it happen.


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