The Allure of Northern Nicaragua

Dreaming of owning your own oceanfront rancho or finding that secluded beach hideaway? If you’re adventurous and enjoy pristine, untouched landscapes, then the north is where you want to be. Our Marina office, the first and only Nicaragua real estate office in the area, serves as the gateway to a region adorned with tropical, lush hills, breathtaking vistas, and enchanting, secluded beaches.

The road from Chinandega to the turn for the Marina where our office is located was recently paved. At the end of the beach road (recently paved with 9 km of bricks), Marina Puesta del Sol, a world-class marina, and resort, rewards travelers with outstanding ambiance and waterfront amenities while blending into the landscape. The Marina has set the standard in the region for beautiful architecture and construction. The same builder contracted my home and our office. Nearby, oceanfront homes are emerging and have adhered to similar architectural standards and class. There are 5 miles of pristine beaches all with stunning homes. If you are looking for condos or golf course then you’ll have to look quite far. Neither can be found within 125 kilometers.

The North is quickly becoming a destination getaway for surfers, tourists and permanent residents alike, yet continues to retain its authentic Nicaraguan character. You can still enjoy local Sunday baseball and be taken care of as the only foreigner in the crowd. As for waves, there are 25 peaks of every type of wave you can imagine (point, reef, island, heavy sand, easy sand, bay, etc) all within a 2.5-mile radius. There are not many other locations on earth with such variety in close proximity. Savvy investors and those seeking a personal paradise are only beginning to discover this hidden jewel.

North Pacific Coast

The North Pacific Coast offers some of the region’s most beautiful cities, beaches, and resorts. The Surfing Nahua office offers rare expertise in Northern Nicaragua real estate, property, lots and land. We specialize in servicing in Chinandega, Marina Puesta del Sol (Marina), Nahualapa Bay, La Isla, Aposentillo, El Viejo, Coseguina, Mechapa and more. The area has some up and coming developments including Rancho Chancletas, Rocky Point, and Playa El Rosario. The volcanoes in the area (San Cristobal being the tallest in the country) have created some of the best soil for planting. We specialize in Plantains and are also knowledgeable in Suger Cane, Peanuts, Citrus, biofuels, and cattle. This region has massive growth potential as it has yet to see the price inflation in nearby Costa Rica and even the southern and central portions of the country. Northern Nicaragua is destined to be the next big thing.

The surfing in the northern region of the country is outstanding with several surf spots that are easily accessible, and still many that are yet to be discovered. Classic northern breaks include: The Island, just a 5-minute panga ride gets you to one of the sweetest set of point breaks in Central America; The Boom, the name of this beach break says it all. It’s an all-out, thumping A frame that is sure to get you pitted; and Nahualapa, this small bay offers 3 different breaks, including both reef and beach breaks. The easy drops and smooth down the line walls make this a favorite for beginner to intermediate surfers.

Surfing Nahua is your best source for Nicaragua real estate. We offer the full line of necessary services for your real estate needs, including legal consultation, construction services, travel arrangements and rentals. We offer everything from turnkey homes to raw land and everything in between. This includes property, lots, land, gated communities, developments, farms, cattle ranges, and condos. You can be sure that with the experts at Surfing Nahua your investment is safe. Nicaraguan investment is always a great value.

When driving around on the dirt roads please be respectful of the locals. There is a lot of dust so please slow down while passing pedestrians and bikers on dirt roads and also put down your high beams. Remember we are guests. The local saying is “Los Brazos Abierto” (With Open Arms). Let’s look after our hosts the same way.

Get away from it all, spend your days at the beach and relax like you have never done before. In the Northern Nicaragua guide, you read everything about activities, restaurant & hotels in the marina area. Have you found what you are looking for? Get in contact and we will help you set up your dream holiday or long-term stay.

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