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Rocky Point

Rocky Point is situated on a reef north of Nahualapa Bay that may appear intimidating, but is actually quite manageable. The reef [K]

Nahualapa surf


Nahualapa Nahualapa Bay boasts a surf break that is perfect for surfers of all skill levels. With a number of peaks, riders [K]

Coco Loco

Coco Loco To the south of Nahualapa Bay lies Coco Loco, a reef break that is well-suited for intermediate surfers. This wave [K]

Playa Santa María del Mar

Playa Santa María del Mar Playa Santa María del Mar is a long stretch of sandy beach with some amazing beachfront properties [K]

Aposentillo surf


Aposentillo A little bit north of the Boom around the corner of Punta Aposentillo you will find this beginner friendly wave. The [K]

The Island

The Island is a somewhat mystic wave. It’s just a 5-minute boat ride with breathtaking views over the estuary. If you go early [K]

The Boom

The Boom The Boom is probably the most famous break in the area. Situated directly North of the estuary. The Boom is [K]

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