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We at Surfing Nahua have a qualified and experienced team ready to help you in every step of your Northern Nicaragua real estate and vacation rental needs. Read more about our personal stories below and know who you are getting in contact with. We hope to be your hosts in Northern Nicaragua very soon!


Barry Oliver – Owner/Broker

Surfing Nahua Barry OliverBarry joined Century 21 Gold Coast Realty as General Manager in 2004. He became broker/owner of the San Juan del Sur and Popoyo offices in 2007.  He built and opened the Marina office in Chinandega in 2007. He spent one season as a professional Triathlete in Argentina. He has 7 years experience as a Senior Account Executive for Deloitte & Touche, SAP Software, and Siebel Systems. While surfing he fell in love with Central America in 2000 and the next year he moved to Nicaragua and founded his export business. Barry received his B.A. in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly State University, SLO where he also graduated Cum Laude with a Masters in Industrial Technology. In 2017 Barry decided was the time to change office upgrade the operation into a fresh and exciting phase of northern Nicaragua real estate.  That is how Century 21 Gold Coast Realty became Surfing Nahua.

Barry supports the local cycling teams, baseball leagues and donates to local education through the A. Jean Brugger Foundation. He is currently ranked #1 for Triathlons in his age group in Central America.  He enjoys time with his Costa Rican wife Kymberly, son Nolan and daughter Angela. Read more about Barry’s lifestyle and living in Nicaragua.


Boris Garmendia – Office Partner/Listing Agent

Surfing Nahua team Boris Boris Garmendia, Office Partner/Listing Agent, is a lifelong resident of the Chinandega and Northern Nicaragua area. He has been the listing agent for us since our New Marina office opened. His life-long knowledge of the area helps Boris collect information about each and every property. His job involves meeting with local sellers to discuss contracts, showing properties to clients and making sure all the paperwork is in order for each sale. Boris is a key member of our team, and on Sundays, the office makes sure to support him and his championship baseball team. Recently he opened his own Costa del Sol restaurant in Nahualapa with amazing views. Go there and enjoy the great local Nicaraguan hospitality with quality food, drinks, and service.


Marjorie Bolainez – Attorney/Office Partner

IMG_0259Marjorie Bolainez has lived in Nicaragua since the ripe age of three. She joined the Surfing Nahua family in October 2007 in our New Marina office. She is our Office Partner & Manager, Escrow Agent, and Legal Advisor. Marjorie received her law degree in 2014 and is fluent in English. In addition to her accounting duties, Marjorie also plays an important role in making sure every customer’s legal papers are in order as their real estate transactions move along. “Thank God that Barry gave me the opportunity to work for Surfing Nahua. I learn something new about real estate every day.”


Etienne Verbij – Project Manager/Real Estate Agent

IMG_0188Etienne grew up in the Netherlands. He and his family have always visited France for summer holidays. This is where Etienne fell in love with the ocean and surfing. During his study, Real Estate Management, Etienne became a member (of the board) of a boardsport association, to make as many surf trips as possible. Since this study period, his focus has always been on surfing and Real Estate. For that reason, he decided to do an internship abroad. He started looking for an Internship in Nicaragua, after many recommendations from his friends. Barry was the first one who was interested in his request and asked him to come down. He didn’t think twice and booked his ticket. After spending five months in the amazing waves and the Real Estate business of Nicaragua, he didn’t want to leave anymore. With his western knowledge, critical eye, Dutch down-to-earth attitude, calmness and passion for surfing and real estate in Northern Nicaragua, he is a solid addition to the Surfing Nahua Team. With Etienne you’ll go on an amazing tour to see our properties and/or have an interesting chat about our project up here in Northern Nicaragua.”


Belén Nanoha – Marketing/Foundation/Vacation manager

IMG_0183Etienne’s girlfriend Belén is also from the Netherlands. Already at a young age, she developed a passion for traveling, meeting cultures, discovering nature and sustainability. She decided to study International Tourism Management and wrote her graduation thesis for a Surf and Yoga retreat in Nicaragua. After finishing her thesis Etienne and Belén decided to surf, work, eat, sleep, and repeat for a few months. They fell in love with pristine Northern Nicaragua and decided to stay. With her passion for this beautiful area and tourism background, she is the one who can help you find your quality vacation rental and plan adventurous activities. Furthermore, Belén uses her marketing skills to spread Surfing Nahua´s daily happenings, tells our story and reaches out to you. Together with Etienne, she is also in charge of the Surfing Nahua foundation. Are you curious about the different projects we support? A blog is coming up soon!”


Sollieth Mendoza – Secretary/Rental manager

IMG_0267Sollieth is proud Nicaraguan girl, who grew up in a Christian family.  Her parents have always worked hard to provide and support her with the best education. Sollieth has a bachelor in Business Administration and studied Tourism and Hotel Management. She has a passion traveling, getting to know new places, learning: cultures, histories, sustainable development and how things are changing over time due to tourism. Sollieth also worked as a Translator in missionary groups, where she got the chance to expand her knowledge and experience in the English language. Sollieth is very thankful for Barry and Marjorie, who crossed her path and provide her with the opportunity to become and be part of the Nahua Surfing team. Now Sollieth is responsible for our rental homes in the area together with Belén.”


Matt Lantz – Photographer

This is Matt.  He is a self-taught photographer who started out wandering around with a camera to document his travels.  He has always been passionate about surfing and being in the ocean, and would often take a go pro out in the water for POV photos.  Inspired by a variety of people and places along his journeys, he saved up for a water housing and decided there was no going back.  Since then it’s been a wild ride, and every time he swims he continues to learn and be inspired by the raw power, beauty, and endless possibilities of the sea.  He is in his happy place out there doing what he loves.  He could shoot empty waves all day, but he gets especially stoked to connect with surfers and gets shots that capture them in a moment of pure bliss. He has been enchanted by Northern Nicaragua since his first visit to the area, and he is happy to call this special place his home.  Now you can enjoy his daily photos in the Northern Nicaragua Surf Report on our website and the Surfing Nahua Facebook.”


Massiel Alejandra Ordoñe Mairena – Receptionist

IMG_0271This is Massiel. Massiel is 31 years old, she is married, has 2 beautiful kids: Gabriel and Abdiel and loves the beach.  Massiel is the receptionist at our office and helps Boris with different documents, besides this she is also studying English and she hopes to improve every day. Massiel is very thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Surfing Nahua Family.”


Kyle Bombard – Real Estate Agent

Surfing Nahua Kyle BombardAt the age of ten Kyles parents decided to leave their hometown on Catalina Island, California and moved to Nosara, Costa Rica where they found their new piece of paradise. Growing up in this town at such a young age made sure he is now fluent in both English and Spanish. After running, owning and selling off the Harbor Reef Hotel in Nosara Kyle was ready for a new adventure which he found here in Northern Nicaragua. With his bulk of family real estate knowledge and life experience he is an amazing guy and a great host to go on a tour with to see our Northern Nicaragua properties.”

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