Top 15 Things to do in the Northern Nicaragua Area

1. Surf

Southern Nicaragua may be known for some of the best surfing in the country (and all of Central America, for that matter), but that’s only because the North is still on the brink of surfing discovery. From perfect beach break barrels to endless point breaks, the Aserradores/Aposentillo area offers something for everyone, all within a short distance. Hit one of the more popular spots or name a secret spot of your own.

2. Sail

They don’t call it the Marina Area for nothin’! Ideal conditions in both the rainy and dry seasons are created by bands of high and low pressure moving seasonally either north or south and meeting together at all times of year in the South Pacific. The rainy season sees traditionally clear blue skies in the morning, a few puffy clouds at midday, and evening showers. Even in the driest months, the marina basin is characterized by consistent, but not overwhelming, off-shore breezes, making for great sailing.

3. Fish

There’s also good reasons that the national rum company, Flor de Caña, holds its annual Fishing Tournament at the Marina Area! A few of them are: rooster fish, red snapper, blue and striped Marlin, sailfish, yellowfin, wahoo and dorado. Need we say more? Inshore or offshore, there are fish here. Make sure you have a local cook up your prize catch or prepare it “ceviche-style”.

4. Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboard has become increasingly popular in the Marina region. Whether you are looking to ride one of the many uncrowded waves in the area, or simply want to relax and paddle around on of the esuraries or around the marina, there is no better place to enjoy SUP. Here you have the best of all worlds.

5. Jet Ski/Kayak the Estuaries

Day or night by full moon, exploring the mangrove-lined maze of estuaries of the marina is truly a must-do experience.

6. Mountain & Road Bike

With endless kilometers of pristine beaches, ocean view outposts and open roads, Aserradores is a mountain biker’s playground. Choose your own combination of off-road or paved riding on a newly-asphalted highway with light traffic.

7. World Class Hunting 

From the ground or your own private helicopter, the hunting in the north is more than abundant (Deer, Dove, Duck, Bobwhite).

8. Hike the Volcanoes

Cerro Negro and the majestic San Cristobal and Coseguina all sit short day trips from the marina area. San Cristobal is Nicaragua’s largest volcano, located in the quaint town of El Viejo. Cerro Negro, often described as Nicaragua’s most unique volcano for its short, steep climb and lack of vegetation, offers outstanding 360-degree views from its 400 meter peak. Coseguina is the best ‘lush jungle’ hike of the three. It is also the easiest….just a 30 minute hike to the rim from where you can park.

9. Bask in the Hot Springs

The most popular hot springs are located within the area of the Cosigüina Volcano, which heat local pools and also offer proximity to bird and animal watch in local wetlands. After a dip in the hot springs, don’t miss the pristine Mechapa beaches and their high seaside cliffs!

10. Horseback Riding

Probably one of the best ways to truly explore all that Aserradores and the surrounding areas have to offer is on horseback, the mode of transportation of choice of most locals! For the more adventurous and experienced, there are multiple trails and open beaches to ride, or guides to lead beginning riders of all ages. We have 2 horses on our office property that are available to our clients.

11. Bird Watching

The great diversity in the northern Nicaraguan landscape provides a habitat for the same diversity of birds. From the Great Egrets and Blue Herons of the estuaries to the Woodpecker, Warblers, Hawks, Kingbirds and Swallos of the mountains and hillsides, experienced birdwatchers will not be disappointed with viewing their standard favorites and exotic local native species.

12. Visit Flor de Caña Factory & Historic Leon

Flor de Caña is best known as one of the best rums in all of Latin America, having been awarded more than 72 medals worldwide in the past 5 years. The plantation distillery, located near the historic, Spanish colonial city of Leon, founded in the 1500s (a bustling town and “must-see” attraction), was first construction in 1890 but completely modernized in 1996. Don’t miss taste testing their “perfect” 12-year Centenario and other variety of rums!

13. Splurge on Lobster

It’s not really a splurge when it’s so readily available, but you can’t leave our fishing village of Aserradores, known for its seafood without experiencing the locals doing what they do best.

14. Go for a swim at the water front pools at Marina Puesta del Sol

You can’t go wrong relaxing in one of the beautiful pools shown below located at the Marina Puesta del Sol.

15. Whale watching

Keep an eye out for new tour operators popping up to take advantage of the many opportunities to view dolphins and whales along the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Whale spouts can especially can be seen in the north, a common route for migrating Humpbacks headed toward the Golfo de Fonseca, bay which joins Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. Biologists from international research teams are currently identifying the Marina Area as an important region for whale study.

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