Welcome to Anahuac Cabana, where earthy elegance meets the tranquility of paradise. Named after the ancient landmass of the Americas before borders divided it, our cabana embodies the spirit of unity and harmony.

Our family’s journey from city life in California to our four-acre sanctuary in Nicaragua reflects our deep connection to nature and our commitment to a slower, more intentional way of living. Here, amidst lush gardens and fruit trees, we’ve cultivated a space where quality living and community thrive.

Step into our fully equipped kitchen and inviting common areas, where creativity and health consciousness blend seamlessly. Drawing from our Cuban and Nicaraguan heritage, we craft flavorful dishes that celebrate local ingredients and traditions.

We’re passionate about sharing our experience and connecting with others who seek a deeper connection to nature and community. Join us in exploring all the wonders Nicaragua has to offer, from its pristine beaches to its vibrant culture.

Come, be a part of our growing community, and experience the magic of Anahuac Cabana for yourself.

$95 Day 
Minimum 3 nights

Anahuac Cabana Retreat: Embrace Good Vibes, Nature, and Wellness

1 Bed /  1 Bath

Daily: $95

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