Al Cielo

As one of the original dining establishments in the vicinity, Al Cielo holds a distinct place in the culinary landscape. Nestled atop the hill in Manzano Dos and owned by a French proprietor, this remarkable restaurant offers an idyllic setting for a romantic evening, boasting breathtaking sunset views. William, the charismatic French owner, consistently ensures a delightful and entertaining dining experience for all guests. Prepare yourself for exceptional cuisine and unforgettable moments.

The menu at Al Cielo draws inspiration primarily from French and Italian gastronomy. The dedicated kitchen staff meticulously handcrafts the pizza and French baguette dough each day. A diverse selection awaits, featuring an array of dishes such as pizza, pasta, chicken, pork, beef, fish, and vegetarian options. Additionally, the menu regularly showcases surprising and delectable specials, influenced by the availability of fresh catches from local fishermen and seasonal farm crops.

Allow us to share a secret: we proudly claim to serve the best Chocolate Mousse on the entire planet. We invite you to experience its divine flavor and provide us with your esteemed verdict. At Al Cielo, we guarantee not only exceptional cuisine but also an atmosphere filled with joy, ensuring that every visit is a memorable occasion.

Al Cielo

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