Joe’s Place

Situated conveniently near the bustling Marina boat launching pad and nestled in the heart of Aserradores, you’ll find a charming little hostel known as Joe’s Place. While primarily catering to backpackers, this welcoming establishment also extends its hospitality to walk-in guests. Simply step through the gate and take a seat at their inviting restaurant. Dona Aleda, the culinary mastermind, possesses a true passion for cooking, so come with a hearty appetite. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor one of Joe’s daily offerings—their giant, freshly prepared fruit smoothies are a must-try!

Joe’s Place offers a laid-back menu of high-quality fare at affordable prices. Freshly caught fish is readily available, and during the season, you’ll have the chance to relish the freshest and most reasonably priced lobster you’ve ever tasted. Should you have any specific requests, simply inquire with Dona Alayda, who will be delighted to whip up a special dish tailored to your preferences. Adding to the culinary experience, Joe, being Portuguese, contributes some secret recipes that enhance Dona Alayda’s repertoire. Among our favorites is the mouthwatering Shrimp Diablo.

While indulging in your culinary delights, take advantage of the opportunity to engage in people-watching, as Joe’s Place attracts a diverse array of fascinating guests from around the world.
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Joe’s Place

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