Northern Nicaragua Surf Report – Punta Aposentillo – June 2nd

Hi, this is Etienne with our Northern Nicaragua Surf Report. Today we checked out the Aposentillo surf and it was really fun. Nice shapes and sizes for everybody out there.  Aposentillo is the perfect bay for learning how to surf and nice longboard lines! It is in close proximaty to the Boom beach. Just around the corner on the North end of the beach. A lot of the times we see the Rise Up Surf guests out there working on their skills and having fun. We hope everybody enjoyed

For more info on the different surfspots in the area check out our Northern Nicaragua Surf Map.

June 2nd, 2017

Friday Jun 02, 2017

SURF SIZE: Waist to shoulder high
HIGH TIDE: 8.59 AM | 2.12 m
LOW TIDE: 3.14 PM | 0.53 m
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