¡Buenos días and hello! This is Etienne with your Northern Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday: A sunny morning today. We had some clean head high and overhead waves coming through. They were groomed nicely by the light offshore winds. High tide is at 1.34PM and low tide at 7.17AM.

Enjoy the photos we selected for this morning. Stop by our office to view your personal photos, purchase them and/or book a private photo session. We are located at the entrance of the paved road on Carretera Potosi. Check out www.surfingnahua.com for further information about the area, activitiesNorthern Nicaragua Vacation Rentals, and Northern Nicaragua Real Estate.

If you are in the area and are looking for a nice spot to hang out and enjoy the sunset. Make your way over to Tapas and Surf. To make this even more pleasant, they have happy hour from 5-7PM on cocktails from Monday to Friday. Other than that you can enjoy their delicious tapas or any of the other Spanish infused dishes all on their beautiful beachfront location at the Nahualapa bay.

Check back with us again tomorrow for the surf report photos, and keep an eye on the swell trends leading up to next week. If we can help set up your vacation or help you with real estate questions please email us at info@surfingnahua.com.

Have a nice day!

Northern Nicaragua Surf Report – June 26th, 2018

Tuesday Jun 26, 2018

HIGH TIDE: 1.34 PM | 2.20 m
LOW TIDE: 7.17 AM | 0.53 m
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