Hi, this is Etienne with our Northern Nicaragua Surf Report.

Today we checked out the Boom first. The swell was a little bit funky what made for some big close-out sets. You had to be patient a little bit to get the right one that stayed open. The day started off with some gray and cloudy skies. By the time we have gone out at the Boom and went over to Coco Loco to see if the point cleaned out the swell the sky was already blue and sunny.

The point cleaned out the swell a little bit but it was still hard sometimes to be in the right position. If you were there were some fun rides to get out there. With some waves going all the way to the beaches. Overall a fun and relaxed day.

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Photo of the day:

Coco Loco surf

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Northern Nicaragua Surf Report – November 13th, 2017

Monday Nov 13, 2017

SURF SIZE: 3-5ft
HIGH TIDE: 10.38 AM | 1.92 m
LOW TIDE: 4.51 AM | 0.60 m
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