Hi, this is Etienne with our Northern Nicaragua Surf Report.

We woke up a little bit late today as the low tide was around 6 this morning. The conditions on the Boom looked oke when we arrived at the beach around 8.30AM. There was a clear and sunny sky and the waves were silky smooth. With the tide coming in the conditions improved and there was some fun sets out there. We are lucky to have a spot like this here in Northern Nicaragua that attracts a lot of swells so we can even get barreled on the smallest of days.

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Photo of the day:

Surf the Boom

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Northern Nicaragua Surf Report – November 1st, 2017

Wednesday Nov 01, 2017

SURF SIZE: 2-3ft
HIGH TIDE: 1.00 PM | 2.03 m
LOW TIDE: 6.54 AM | 0.40 m
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