Hi, this is Etienne with our Northern Nicaragua Surf Report.

We had some stormy weather conditions going on and off for the last few days. And that was really noticeable in the water. The strong onshore winds made the waves quite messy and not really surfable. So today was a day to relax and enjoy one of the top class restaurants in our area. Another great possibility is to get active and choose from one of the many activities in the area. Today horseback riding on the beach for sunset was the way to go for us!

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Photo of the day:


Coming soon once we finished our horseback sunset beach ride!

For more info on the different surf spots in the area and the best beaches in Nicaragua check out our Northern Nicaragua Surf Map.

Northern Nicaragua Surf Report – October 28th, 2017

Saturday Oct 28, 2017

SURF SIZE: 4-7ft
HIGH TIDE: 8.05 AM | 1.78 m
LOW TIDE: 2.31 PM | 0.68 m
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