Coco Loco

To the south of Nahualapa Bay lies Coco Loco, a reef break that is well-suited for intermediate surfers. This wave is a left-hander and is most enjoyable when medium to large swells are present, providing ample opportunities for refining turning skills. However, the right can be thrilling yet treacherous. A few years back, going right, I slashed my foot on the reef and had to use crutches for a month – exercise advised. Nevertheless, there are occasional sections on the left that create barrel opportunities for surfers seeking an adrenaline rush. For beginners, the second point at Coco Loco, which is located to the north, is a milder option that is perfect for learning the ropes.

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How to experience this surf spot at its best?

Tides: usually it’s best from 2 hours before high tide until two hours after, but can work all the way to mid tide as well.

Level: All levels

Properties for sale: Beachfront lot Santa Maria –  Santa Maria Beach lot

Vacation Rentals: Las Sevillanas – Casa Nora

Restaurants: Las Palmeras

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