Like homes, dreams need a good design to support them, but what is a greater design than life itself? Probably everybody has thought about ‘the dream life’ and hell I was sure to have ended up in mine upon my arrival in Aserradores, Nicaragua. I was just stunned by the beauty of it all… The green undulating landscape, the sun rising behind the volcanos, beautiful clean waves with offshore winds, good food, nice and friendly people, it is all just so pure down here. So when you are stunned by that much beauty and see a beautiful way to live, why not just do it?! Barry Oliver is one of the people who got his design for a ‘lifestyle’ figured out quite well. We pick up the story to get a glimpse of what it is like for him to be living in Nicaragua by getting to know his daily activities.

As it is a cliché when talking about lifestyle, he sincerely believes that life is what you make of it, or ‘Dale Duro!’ as he might say. And what he made of it is definitely not a cliché at all. With an adventurous and all out approach he is giving it everythi   ng he has got each and every minute of the day. This dedication has made it possible for him to continuously develop himself, his family, his businesses and also communities. And damn he makes sure there is enough challenge, joy and happiness to keep pushing himself to another limit every day. In the end that is exactly what Dale Duro stands for: Just do it, give it all you got, seize the day, go hard or go home or SUBU as they would like to say in Popoyo: Show up to blow up!

As far as challenges goes he always makes sure to find one. His latest goal is to compete at the Xterra world championship. This world’s premier off-road triathlon, combining a 1,5 kilometer swim, a 32 kilometer mountain bike and a 10,5 kilometer trail run. At the moment he spends a lot of his time training and competing in different challenges. And what better way for it prepare in the beautiful Nicaraguan nature. From going for a ride on the bike or a run in the undulating landscape with the sun in the back blushing through the trees, to going for an early morning ocean swim session, to hiking the volcanoes with stunning views as reward. He even holds the unofficial record for climbing the San Cristobal Volcano in 1:45.

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But by taking the step moving to northern Nicaragua that is not all that was on offer for him. Spending time with the family and enjoying their company in a calm and friendly atmosphere, playing tennis with friends, kayaking the stunning natural reserve with a dugout canoe are just some of them. As a fanatic surfer and guy who likes challenges enjoying the huge surf at ‘The Boom’ or any other of the numerous excellent breaks nearby with the blessed everyday offshore winds could not lack as well of course. And while he is at it he can also enjoy these beautiful orange glowing sunsets from either the water , the yoga platform at Chancletas or Azul, or in one of the various restaurants in the area. Living in Nicaragua offers it all and he is planning on taking and enjoying it for the rest of the days to come.

As you might have figured out by now, the guy is one energetic guy. It is so nice to see he is able to channel this energy in his everyday work as a real estate agent. With his adventures approach he was able to discover new countries and area and gave him the opportunity to see the potential that Northern Nicaragua has. With his channeled energy he is making sure his clients are satisfied in all their needs and have the optimal experience within the area. ‘It is nice to get to see, know and learn about all this amazing places. And at the same time to give clients the possibility to get their own piece of the dream is an amazing experience. One that we try to make more powerful by giving back to the community.’

‘Nicaragua offers a beautiful getaway for all those who are willing to enjoy all that life is possible to give you. Dale Duro! Come and see for yourself, living in Nicaragua is great and we got you covered’

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