The Boom

The Boom is probably the most famous break in the area. Situated directly North of the estuary. The Boom is a fast, barreling and heavy A-frame wave which will give you the ride of your life! The peaks right in front of the Chancletas beach resort usually are the heaviest ones. However, there are different peaks spread out on a long stretch of sandy beach. So, when you walk a little bit further south or north the peaks are a bit easier to surf and you usually have the waves there for yourself. Therefore lots of people call this the highlight of their vacation and one of the best waves in Nicaragua. There are many different options to get to enjoy this beautiful wave and area, please see below for a couple of suggestions. We are looking forward to sharing some barrels with you soon at the Boom!

How to experience this surf spot at its best?

Tides: Does not work at low tide and is usually the best around the high tide.

Level: Intermediates and advanced.

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