Nahua Surf Report

Saturday Nov 18, 2017

Our office, the first and only real estate office in the area, serves as the gateway to a region adorned with lush rolling hills, breathtaking vistas and secluded beaches all carved up by enchanting estuaries. The road from Chinandega to the turn for the Marina, where our office is located was recently paved. At the end of the beach road (recently paved with 9 km of bricks), Marina Puesta del Sol, a world-class marina and resort, rewards travelers with outstanding ambiance and waterfront amenities while blending into the landscape.

The Marina has set the standard in the region for beautiful architecture and construction. The same builder contracted my home and our office. Nearby, oceanfront homes are emerging and have adhered to similar architectural standards and class. There are 5 miles of pristine beaches all with stunning homes. If you are looking for condos or golf course then you’ll have to look quite far. Neither can be found within 125 kilometers.

Local Nahua


Nahua is only 20 minutes from the 4th largest city in the country with all the required amenities. We also boast some of the best restaurants in the country with Al Cielo’s French Cuisine and breathtaking views, PortuNica’s home style Portuguese food, Marina Puesta del Sol’s dining over the water with a view of San Cristobal Volcano and surf grinds at the fun Chancletas.