Nahua Surf Report

Saturday Jun 16, 2018

A region adorned with lush rolling hills, breathtaking vistas, and secluded beaches all carved up by enchanting estuaries. Within just 5 miles of pristine beach, we have 7 different beaches and 25 peaks of every type and level of surfing you can imagine. There are not many other locations on earth with such variety waves (point, island, heavy sandy, easy sandy, bay, etc.).

At the end of the recently paved beach road through this area, you will find Marina Puesta del Sol. This world-class marina, and resort reward travelers with outstanding ambiance and waterfront amenities while blending into the landscape. The Marina has set the standard in the region for beautiful architecture and construction. Nearby, beachfront homes appear, which have similar architectural standards and class to do right to the allure of the region.

However, this area continues to retain its authentic Nicaraguan character. And, as a result, you can still enjoy local Sunday baseball and be taken care of as the only foreigner in the crowd. Savvy investors and those seeking a personal paradise are only beginning to discover this hidden jewel in North Nicaragua. So, with all the necessary amenities in place, this nature-infused area has a massive growth potential.

Surfing Nahua is dedicated to sharing our passion for Northern Nicaragua with you!

Surfing Nahua is the first and only real estate office in Northern Nicaragua. Our office is located in the marina area, in particular, to be able to provide you with all the necessary services and give you a personal and boutique level experience to find & preserve your dream spot in paradise.

The Area


Nahua is only 20 minutes from the 4th largest city in the country with all the required amenities. We also boast some of the best restaurants in the country with Al Cielo’s French Cuisine and breathtaking views, PortuNica’s home style Portuguese food, Marina Puesta del Sol’s dining over the water with a view of San Cristobal Volcano and surf grinds at the fun Chancletas.